Sonlight for Africa

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In 2015 GNBA raised over £4,000 to send solar-powered radios to regions of Africa that broadcast our programmes. We teamed up with Reach Beyond and Sonset Solutions who produced and distributed the radios.



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Each radio cost only £21 to make and distribute to families in Africa, giving them access to the life changing message of Jesus Christ. GNBA currently broadcasts on over 40 local Christian stations across the massive continent and we wanted to help some of the many people who don't have access to a radio or can't afford the cost of the batteries, which are quite expensive in Africa.




These hand-held, solar-powered were also sent to places where it   would be hard for a missionary to go and serve. In a sense, they are little missionaries in remote and sometimes dangerous places.





The SonSet radio is not only solar-powered, but it is pre-tuned to a local Christian-run stations.

The radios defy the darkness and overcome the obstacle of no electricity  and worn out batteries. They are powered by the sun, broadcasting the message of the Son day and night.

Every radio was also prayed over before it was delivered. The radio will last 7-8 years. That’s about a penny a day to broadcast the gospel to hundreds of people with that one device.

Although the appeal is now finished, we would still appreciate your prayers for those who have received a radio. Please pray that God will use our programmes to strengthen existing Christians and to also save people who are hearing the gospel for the first time.

Also, we still need money to create the content that will be broadcast on these devices. Would you consider giving a gift of £21 to help with this?

Please call 01777 817 138 or send us an email to

‘…My word that comes from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I send it to do’ Isaiah 55:11