Meet The UK Team


Tom Ward has been Director of GNBA since October 2014.  He oversees the whole ministry and works in our Ranskill office three days a week (quite a commute) and works from home for two days.  Tom produces Bible Focus and Word Alive, which takes up a large chunk of his working hours.  He also contributes content for other GNBA programmes and is planning future ones as well.  He meets with interviewees, radio station contacts and ministry leaders and plans our appeals.  Days in the office are particularly busy as he seeks to support staff in their various roles.  Please pray for Tom - so much to do, so little time!







KateNaishKate Naish is our Company Secretary and Administration Officer.  Kate is usually to be found creating spreadsheets, examining bank statements, paying the salaries or doing other complicated jobs that no one else in the office understands.  She works hard to keep GNBA finances in good order, analysing our income to help us plan future spending on projects and equipment.  If you call the office it’s likely that Kate will answer the phone, and if you send a gift it will be Kate who writes to thank you!  Please pray for her in all her various responsibilities.






MelDixeyMel Dixey is our Assistant Administrator and Graphic Designer.  She helps with general administration - recording donations, sending letters, updating the database – and when you order a book or CD it will be Mel who creates your invoice and sends the items out to you.  Mel also designs Sounding Out and organises the printing and mailing of it, liaising with our volunteers who give invaluable help in mailing out both Sounding Out and the Ministry Partners CD.  Please pray for Mel as she seeks to make her design work fresh and eye-catching.