40 Years… and counting!


They say that life starts at 40 so I’m hoping that the best years are yet to come for GNBA. God has already blessed this ministry massively and it’s encouraging to look back and see how He has guided us through the years. You will read about this a little bit more in the current issue of Sounding Out where we reflect on the last four decades. But we also want to look forward and pursue new opportunities to teach the Bible through radio.  With this in mind I want to tell you about our appeal for 2016. Our aim is to run a number of events across the country this year to raise awareness and money. As we are only a small staff team I wonder if you could help us with this?Cakes

Could you organise a local event at your church or community centre? Could you have a coffee morning in your house with home-made cakes and some information about GNBA? Could you get people to sponsor you to walk 40 kilometres over a long weekend? Could you organise a clothes swap and ask people for a small donation? Could you run a film night at your church and show a PowerPoint about our work?

If you would like more help or information about how to help you can call the office on 01777 817138 or download our order form to request items to help you with your event.  Even if you only feel able to put out one of our special 40th anniversary collection buckets at your church, it will still make a difference.

If you don’t feel able to put on an event then would you consider a one off financial gift to our appeal instead? I believe that creating Bible based radio programmes is more necessary than ever before but obviously it costs money. If you were to look at our finances you would see that the vast majority of it is spent on paying wages and buying air time. We don’t spend money needlessly or recklessly but there are new areas we want to step into and your gift will help us with that.

Using new technology. I would like to develop an app that people can download on their mobile phone. Also I’d like to make our programmes available on sites like Youtube and Vimeo. Our website also needs to be regularly updated. The hope is that this will make us more accessible to a new audience.

Developing our work in Africa. I am excited about an opportunity to write some scripts that will be translated into some local languages for stations in South Sudan. This will take time and money. Joseph Kebbie is doing a great job but I know he is held back by a lack of resources. I would love to be able to send more finances his way.

Creating new programmes. I want to go above and beyond the programmes we are already making and also produce new content that is current and relevant that also holds to our core objective of teaching the Bible through radio. I would like to be able to bring in some sessional producers to help with this but it will cost money.

So, please let us know if you can run an event or give a gift and, as always, we appreciate your prayers!